Monday, September 9, 2013

If you wish to to be healthier, have a beer instead of coffee

All clues reveal that beer can be healthier than a cup of coffee.

This was stated by a group of Israeli experts at Tel Aviv School, on Israel.

As stated by numerous experts collected by Russia Today, analysts have uncovered that coffee may reduce life expectations, however beer could enhance it. The basis: Caffeine appears to reduce telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, which usually play an integral role securing the genome in each and every cell, while alcohol consumption expands them. Telomeres are just like a natural clock for the cell and shorten when the cell ages. When telomeres scale down a lot, the cells perish.
Small telomeres are linked with substandard wellness and greater possibility of premature illness.

Once and for all we certainly have identified several environmental variables that transform telomere span and have demonstrated the way in which they get it done, expressed Prof. Martin Kupiec. All that we have found out could lead to the elimination and remedy of health conditions, the specialist announced.

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The researchers assert that only a cup of coffee possesses a sufficient amount of caffeine to influence telomere length.

Simultaneously, the experts measured if several general elements have an effect on the span of telomeres in fungal microscopic cells, and noticed that the temperature and pH differences have no impact .
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